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"Practice mindfulness"

Jemma Johnson – Senior Technical Quality Coach, Morrison Data Services

“I work in compliance and quality assurance and my whole work existence is built around ensuring employees and the business work safely, effectively, and correctly. As such, the nature of my work can be stressful. It can evoke deep negative feelings especially when processes are disregarded, or safety has been ignored. I find my emotions range from disappointment to anger and my self-esteem and self-worth can sometimes be impacted as I can believe the actions taken are somewhat my responsibility. The individuals involved become statistics, the human factor is pushed aside and I become numb to the real truth that individuals are human. This clinical view pushes my attitude and feelings into a place I do not always feel comfortable with. I forget how to connect, I can become withdrawn, unapproachable, and cold. 

When these disconnections happen or when I find myself forgetting ‘humanity’ I take 10 minutes away from my work for mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness is vital tool and the calm felt afterwards makes a huge difference to my emotional state.  Mindfulness is my key to a clearer head and a stronger connection with colleagues.

Mindfulness can be as simple as remembering the word STOP.

Stand up and breathe.

Tune into your body, notice any physical sensations or emotions.  Discharge any negativity on the out breath (visualise them leaving your body).  

Observe something in your environment that is pleasant or that you are grateful for.

Positivity. Notice any positive feelings and let them fill you up on the in breath.”

Jemma Johnson