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"Appreciate the Small Things"

David Taylor – Sales & Marketing Director, Bryt Energy

“We tend to rush around here, there and everywhere – but now that we’re in lockdown, many of us have a bit more time and space to relax and regenerate. As EnergyMind launches its #TakeTenMinutes campaign, here are some of the things that I’m doing to maintain my wellbeing in these strange times…

Getting moving

This might sound obvious, but I’m not just talking about physical fitness…there are benefits of exercise that go far beyond that. One big benefit of not travelling is the chance to walk our dog Oscar every morning – not only does it get the endorphins flowing, but it gives me some mental space to clear my head and order my thoughts before I sit down to work. 

The power of sunshine and fresh air can’t be underestimated either, and with few vehicles on the road the sense of calm brought about by the quiet is a revelation! Even stuck indoors all you need to exercise is an app, a little bit of space to lay a mat, and some (optional) weights. 

Usually I rush to fit this in and my mind is elsewhere, but during lockdown I’ve found a big difference in making time for a 30 minute session. At the end I feel physically and mentally stronger to deal with the situation we’re in.

Appreciating art 

Many of us will have some pictures on our walls, and almost all of us will have immediate access to millions of songs in our pockets…but how often do we really ‘see’ what we’re looking at or ‘hear’ what we’re listening to? 

The true value of this ‘art’ is in the emotions and memories that it evokes. My home office has pictures on every wall and I’ve always thought they look nice, but now I’m seeing them for what they mean to me – like art produced by my daughter, and photos that evoke memories of good times. 

Play the right song, or look at the right image, and you can be transported to anywhere you want to go – far away from a time and place that is uncertain, restrictive and sometimes scary.”


David Taylor

David Taylor